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Grazing through Portland

February 10, 2009

After attending the Gov’s conference on tourism earlier in the day, and taping a 207 show (yup, that’s me yapping about skiing), and stopping in to see Backstage Pass, the rock and roll photography show at the Portland Musem of Art (you MUST go), and browsing at Longfellow Books, I was hungry. I’ve been hearing good things about Caiola‘s for quite a while now, so I went. Now I understand all the accolades.

Caiola’s is everything a neighborhood restaurant should be, and so much more. It’s cozy, comfy, friendly, welcoming, and, the food exceeds all expectations, given the casualness. Maybe I shouldn’t be so effusive in my praise, afterall, I only had an antipasto platter. But what a platter! There were at least a dozen, probably 15 or so different items: meats, cheeses, veggies, bread, even egg salad. And the usual antipasto items, such as olives and cheeses, weren’t that usual. Fried gouda? Yup, whoda thunk it, but it worked.

So I waddled out of there and decided that I simply had to go to Bresca. Yeah, been there, done that for dessert previously, and the memory lingered. So, back I went. Same order, financiar (cranberry and pear, this time) and Bresca blend tea. As good as I remembered.

That’s the trouble with Portland. I know there are other places I should try, but it’s so hard to branch out, when my faves are calling me back. Guess I just have to more publications to send me here on assignment. (It’s always nice to dine on someone else’s budget!).