Western skiing, eastern mountain: Sugarloaf today

Tuesday, March 2, 2010: heaven awaits. ©Hilary Nangle

Views off Timberline chair ©Hilary Nangle

Let me tell about the ski conditions at Sugarloaf today. In short, I can’t wipe the smile off my face. If the ski season ended today, memories of this bluebird day at Sugarloaf would carry me through until next winter. After receiving more than five feet of snow since last Wednesday, the sun appeared, the wind disappeared, and Sugarloaf uncorked a perfect 10, when it comes to Alpine conditions. Everything’s open, the mountains was coated in soft white, and—trust me—it was easy to believe you were in Utah or Colorado; yeah, it was that good.

The Backside beckons. ©Hilary Nangle

My friends Deb, Brian, Mark, and Tom scored first trackes on the Backside this morning, when we hit the summit right as Ski Patrol was dropping the ropes. Deb reported: “Outrageous, wind has really blown the snow in there. A few rocks to watch for, and quite a few places where you need to do the bunny hop.” So good, they went back and repeated the run three more times.

Thanks to that bum shoulder of mine, we stuck with the groomed. Gondi Line off the summit was the best I’ve seen it in years. Ditto for Cinderhoe and Binder.

Binder. ©Hilary Nangle

Now remember: Tomorrow is Maine Day, so if you’re a Maine resident, bring ID and score a $30 ticket. Expect it to be busy: It’s some region’s vacation week (New Brunswick’s, perhaps) ; plus, the New York City Fire Department,some 300+ strong, is up here for their annual escape; and the J2 Nationals are underway. If you prefer fewer folks, you might want to visit Saddleback, which, I’m hearing, is equally fabulous. Hmmmm, might have to head there myself tomorrow.


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