Snow Gods smiling on Maine

Saturday, Feb. 27, courtesy Sugarloaf.

Since Wednesday, Sugarloaf has received more than 50 inches of snow, and another 12-16 are in the forecast before this megastorm moves out on Monday. Conditions are similar at Saddleback, with a bit less at Sunday River. At all, depths deepen and the snow lightens as the elevation increases.

Now I know lots of folks don’t believe resort reports, but I spend my winters just a few miles from the ‘loaf’s base, and I can vouch for the depth (as can my shoveler-in-chief husband). Outside my window, the world is white, with snow caked on the trees and clinging to every surface. And it’s still snowing.

The downside: If you’re not a deep or heavy snow skier/rider, you might want to wait until the  groomed crews roll it. Also, I’m hearing reports of huge lift lines, as some areas are having trouble with lift ops due to the snow (check current lift status when visiting the web sites, or call). And parking; not a pretty situation. And roads; getting here takes patience.

The upside: Wow! Powdah pigs are loving it. Even the natural snow trails are open with decent conditions. March is going to be fabulous.

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