Despite Bourdain’s visit, Conte’s is closing

Rumors have swirled for a few months about the demise Conte’s, the funky (you either loved it or hated it) seafood joint on Rockland’s waterfront, but when celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain visited and taped a TV show in early January, everyone figured it was going to keep trucking. ‘Fraid not, at least according to a recent Herald Gazette story. The landmark, harbor-front restaurant is closing April 15. But wait, there’s more: From-away restaurateur Stephen Fanning is opening The Pearl in the former Black Pearl location on the pier. Stay tuned.


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9 Responses to “Despite Bourdain’s visit, Conte’s is closing”

  1. Fred Says:

    Is there any chance Conte’s will relocate? Please let me know. Thanks Fred

    • Hilary Nangle Says:

      Hoping and praying, but no word yet. I’ll definitely post any updates.

    • Kathy Santucci Says:

      I was just at Conte’s new location in Rockland and the food was fabulous. He’s located just up the street from his harbor location. Same old blackboard style, starts you off with the huge chunks of bread and the generous salad for two along with his wonderful salad dressing.

  2. Taos Says:

    I was in Conte’s last week and the waitress told me that he has secured a new location. He will move to 148 Main St. in Rockland some time after April 15. Not sure how he will recreate the atmosphere but I wish him luck.

  3. Mike Says:

    Rumors appear to be true…they’ve already started putting up fish nets and lobster crates at the new location. Definitely not as good a location…but I have a feeling it won’t matter too much.

  4. Mister Meatball Says:

    Taos is correct. I’ve been getting up to the place as often as I could this winter, anticipating its closing, and so am thrilled that a new site’s been found. Other hand, it still feels like a death. Just won’t be the same. The place is a treasure, and so is Conte.

  5. Mister Meatball Says:

    Funny, I’m actually going to be at the new place tonight. Can’t wait.

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