Yes, you CAN get he’ah from they’ah (soon!)

Amtrak to Brunswick? Yup, it’s coming, thanks to $35 million in federal stimulus money to extend the Downeaster train from Portland (and just for the record, I won’t publish any comments re the politics of all this).

From Portland, the Downeaster will stop in Freeport, before finishing its run in Brunswick (where there’s already a brand spanking new train station). From there, you can hop the Maine Eastern Railroad, which stops in Bath and Wiscasset, before docking in Rockland. Car free on the Maine coast? Gotta like that!

This might do more to relieve the congestion in Wiscasset than any of the other proposals that have been kicking around for what, 20 years give or take? If priced right, the locals would even use it–sure beats dealing with Route 1 in the summer.

This also will open up alternatives for travel along the coast, allowing passengers to choose Concord Coachlines bus service or the Downeaster as works best for their schedules and needs. Goal is for service to be operational some time in 2012.


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3 Responses to “Yes, you CAN get he’ah from they’ah (soon!)”

  1. Wayne E. Davis Says:

    This didn’t all “just happen” it was made to happen…all brought to you through the 23 year effort of TrainRiders/Northeast, a grassroots citizen’s organization with 1,300 dues paying members and volunteers.

  2. PJ Walter Says:

    This will open up midcoast Maine to a whole new world of opportunity. Hurrah!!!

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