Traveling solo?

I do so quite often. While I love dining out, dining solo is so lonely. Usually, I snag a seat in the lounge, where the barkeep takes good care of me and will deflect unwanted companions, and dine there. Comfy, but not the true experience of a restaurant. That’s why I love Freeport’s Harraseeket Inn’s Dine with the Innkeeper program.

Innkeeper Chip Gray instituted the program after realizing that one regular guest, whose husband had died, no longer came down to dinner, but chose room service, instead. She just didn’t want to dine solo. His solution: Sign up at the front desk, and join the innkeeper’s nightly table. Since the inn has two restaurants, the tavern and the Maine Dining Room, guests decide as a group where to dine.

The program isn’t limited to singles, couples have enjoyed it, too, Chip says. Doesn’t matter how many or how few request it, the program is offered. If it’s a large group, and the conversation strays into uncomfortable areas, the innkeeper reels in it. That said, Chip reports discussions have been fascinating and range widely, often covering even taboo topics–think politics–in a controlled setting. Nice.

And, if you travel solo anytime, check out my friend Ellen Perlman’s site, Boldly Go Solo. Lots of good info, there.


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