Speaking of Haiti

The best thing anyone can do right now is donate to one of the established organizations (with stellar reputations) already on the ground and working in Haiti. Here are four I can recommend:

First, let me share the words of a dear friend who has worked with the first organization for years:

How do people who have nothing lose everything?

It’s the question I keep asking myself as I try to understand what’s happening in Haiti. I can’t find an answer.  All I can do is remember the Haitian people who’ve given me so much.  The toddler in the orphanage who patted my back when I cried.  The teen who held my hand to guide me up a mountain so I wouldn’t’ stumble.  The shy little girl who raised each finger as I sang her a nursery rhyme.  The man who climbed a palm tree so my friends and I could drink fresh milk.  The family who care for youngsters affected by AIDS.  The list is long, the faces many.  Are they injured or hungry tonight?

More questions, but again, no answer.

Finally, I ask myself, what can I do to return their generosity?  You are reading the one question I can answer.  I’ll ask you to consider donating to the NGO that brought me to Haiti and where I now serve on the board of directors.

Haitian Ministries of the diocese of Norwich has been helping Haitians, help Haitians for 25 years.  Now it’s time to help Haitians until they can help each other again.

Haitian Ministries: Working in Haiti for more than 25 years; supports two orphanages, a meal program for children, a medical clinic, and medical missions.

Partners in Health: Working in Haiti for more than 20 years; works to bring modern medical care to poor communities.

Doctors Without Borders: An international medical humanitarian organization that provides aid ito people whose survival is threatened by violence, neglect, or catastrophe.

American Red Cross: Providing food, shelter, medical care and maintaining a registry for those seeking relatives.


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