Five (frozen and snowy) Lakes Lodge

You want remote? You want to cross-country ski or snowshoe without seeing anyone but a moose? Or maybe ride that snowmobile over groomed trails through Maine’s back country wilderness? Yeah, I’ve got just the ticket.

Five Lakes Lodge photo credit.

Five Lakes Lodge, seven miles south of Millinocket (about 75 miles north of Bangor), is just as its name indicates. The massive log lodge sits on a spit of land extending into one of the five lakes that nearly surround it. And the views? Down the lakes to Katahdin in the distance. Gorgeous country. We’re talking true wilderness here, folks.

The lodge especially appeals to snowmobilers, as its sited midway between ITS 86 and ITS83 on the Katahdin Loop Trail. Owners Rick and Debbie LeVasseur are avid enthusiasts and the lodge doubles as the home of the Jo Mary Riders Snowmobile Club. You want fresh tracks? Follow one of the two Bombadier trail groomers as it leaves the premises.

But it’s not just snowmobilers who will will enjoy it. Snowshoers and cross-country skiers can escape the vrooms and fumes on nearby groomed trails or with a trek to Ragged Mountain’s summit or in Baxter State Park.

Now don’t go thinking this place is old and creaky, far from it. It was purpose built, opening in 2004. Rooms vary, but most have king-size log beds, gas stove, and  inroom hot tubs. There’s a sauna on the premises, and a huge stone fireplace in the great room. Breakfasts are guaranteed to fuel you though a full morning of activity, and then some. Or just hang out and soak in those views.  I last stopped by a few summers ago, but I’m pining for a winter return.

Winter rates range $175-250 per night, including breakfast.


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One Response to “Five (frozen and snowy) Lakes Lodge”

  1. Michael Says:

    This is a great place any time of year. If you can’t relax and unwind here, you won’t do it anywhere. One of the best hidden gems in the entire north-east.

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