207: Pies on Parade survival tips

See Pies on Parade details here.

Top 10 Pie Parade survival techniques

By Cheryl Michaelsen and Pie Tour veteran guests of Berry Manor Inn

List is garnered from former guests of the Berry Manor Inn and veterans of the Pies on Parade events. Cheryl’s husband–Piehead Mike, at right–ticks off the tips:

1. Friends don’t let Friends Drive “Pie-Eyed”.  Treat yourself to a 1 or 2 night package at one of the Historic Inns of Rockland.

2. 2Pre-schedule time at the gym on the Monday following to enjoy the Pie Parade guilt free.  (Pie-lates would be a good choice!)

3. Dress for Success:  Baggy pants with elastic waistband to “stretch” for pie consumption, comfortable shoes to power walk between pie venues to burn calories and layers to accommodate the dash in and out of pie stops and the flush of the sugar high.

4. Bring your own water bottle and cutlery – fork, spoon or spork!  This saves time and helps the environment.

5. Put extra tape on your “Pie Sticker Ticket” so it adheres to your coat, hat or purse in any weather and allows you to “flash” it at the door to bypass the lines.

6. Plan your pie route in advance to optimize the number of pie stops you make in the allotted time.

7. If you plan to “Power Pie” and make it to all stops, set the timer on your cellphone to keep you on schedule. With 15 venues, 10 minutes per venue with 5 minutes transport in between.

8. Pace the sweet pie intake – start heavy on the savory pies and then move to the sweet pies to balance the sugar hit.

9. Conserve space in one’s “Pie Hole” — share pie samples with friends to increase the number of pies one can taste.

10. Smile – you can’t spell “Helping” without “P”- “I”- “E” and by participating in the event you are helping to raise funds for food and fuel for our local community.

Remember buy your tickets early there is a limited number and may not be any at the door on the day of the event.


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