Speaking of the holidays…

I recently received Nervous Nellie’s 2009-2010 catalog, and it’s filled with cool Made-in-Maine gifts. Anne and Peter make the best jams and jellies (including a marmalade that my husband labels his favorite–which says a lot, the guy loves marmalade). All are made in Deer Isle, without preservatives, colorings, or flavor agents. These products are the real deal, authentic, not artificial. I’m a fan of the red raspberry and the wild Maine blueberry, but there are other yummy choices, too.

Beyond jams and jellies, the catalog (on the web, too), lists:

• Maine wildflower honey
• Joan’s scones (same ones sold in the cafe)
• cornmeal griddle cakes
• Maine maple syrup (the best)

It also sells:
• teas ad coffees
• kitchen goodies
• bird houses (one-of-a-kind crafted from recycled wood and salvage)
• float rope doormats (same rope lobstermen use to hall and tether traps)
• locally made folk art ornaments
• books
• Maine balsam pillows
• pottery
• Peter’s Nervous Nellie’s books (episodes 1–6) and posters.
And, of course, gift boxes.
Truly, you could find something for just about everyone on your holiday list here.
And be sure to add Nervous Nellie’s to your must-visit list for the next time you’re in Maine. For more on this special place, see my previous posting.

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