Ink this on your calendars

On Veteran’s Day, Wednesday, Nov. 11, the PBS show POV will air “The Way We Get By,” the critically acclaimed documentary focusing on three senior citizens who greet every, yes every, plane of U.S. soldiers returning from Irag and Afghanistan through Bangor.

We all talk about supporting the troops. These three seniors have made greeting the returning soldiers the focus of their lives. They battle the weather; they battle disease; they battle loneliness; but they never let those distractions get in the way of welcoming troops back on US soil with handshakes, hugs, phones, candy bars and most of all, an authentic “Welcome home, we appreciate what you do.”

This film isn’t about the war—whether it’s right or wrong, just or unjust—it’s about people fighting battles, both abroad and at home. And it’s about the riches received when reaching out to others by volunteering.

Watching the show will not only put some meaning into the Veteran’s Day holiday,” it also will put meaning into the entire holiday season that’s getting underway. Don’t miss it.


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