The Calais report

The biggest buzz to hit Calais in recent years has gone bust. The Downeast Heritage Museum closed last fall, although it may reopen (if a sale goes through) as a Native American museum. Stay tuned on that front.

The best news in Calais is on the food front. On a tip, we had lunch at Julianna’s World Cafe, on North Street, about a half block up from Main Street/Route 1. If you remember the Blue Moon in Eastport and later Calais, this is the same owner, and Julianna knows how to cook. Now be forewarned, the photos on the website are not of Julianna’s. The cafe is more bistro than white tablecloth, and the decor leans to brick walls (although there is a blackboard menu of specials). Fresh, fat sandwiches, creative salads, and a nice selection of Southwestern-inspired favorites are served at lunch, with heftier fare available at dinner. I can vouch for the enchiladas, although I wish they had come with a bit more sauce.

Also new in Calais is Solos, which replaces The Chandler House. It’s in an old house right behind MacDonald’s. Inside the woodwork is ornate, the tables are draped with cloth—even at lunch, the walls are papered, the windows curtained with lace,  and the floors are carpeted. Think Grandma’s, but with a more current menu.

Worth a look-see downtown are Calais Books, a handful of antiques stores including The Dusty Rose, and Little Ships of the Maritimes, tucked behind North Street. Oh, and Marden’s. Never pass by a Marden’s.


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