Three new wines from Cellardoor

Next time you’re in the vicinity of either Cellardoor‘s Route 1 Villa store in Rockport or its winery in Lincolnville, stop in for a taste of one (or all) of its three new wines.

• Artist Series Petite Sirah:
A limited edition wine, the Artist Series Petite Sirah is made up of 85% Petite Sirah (from Lodi, CA) and 15% Viognier (from Snipes Mountain, WA). Aged in 15% new oak, the wine is full-bodied with ripe, rich berry aromas, and a beautiful elegance resulting from the Viognier grapes.

• Prince Valiant:
A five-grape blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc (all from Eastern Washington state), Petite Sirah (Lodi, CA) and Viognier (Snipes Mountain, WA), the Prince Valiant has intense aromas of ripe black cherries and white pepper with undertones of coffee and caramel. The versatile wine pairs beautifully with grilled BBQ chicken or a big juicy steak.

Our elegant and complex Viognier will be unveiled this August. Made from 100% Viognier grapes from Snipes Mountain, WA, the wine is aged in only 10% new oak, and is a full-bodied, dry white wine with intense aromas of stone fruits. This one has been worth waiting for, and will be the Winery’s most prized white wine to date.

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