Good ole Moody’s

DSC_2133Just back from lunch with friends at Moody’s Diner. I tend to stay away from this Waldoboro classic in summer, when the line is often out the door, but since friend’s were headed there, we went. It’s still a steal. And it’s still the real deal, when it comes to diner fare.

We slid into well worn booths, and I had the lunch special, cup of soup (turkey with rice) and a grilled cheese sandwich, for less than $5. Thick soup with big chunks of chicken and carrots and lots of rice; sandwiched oozed cheese. Then split a slab of to-die-for walnut cream pie, warmed, and topped with a mound of thick, real whipped cream. Heaven!

If I had a listing for cheap eats in Maine, Moody’s would easily be on the list. Good food, well prepared, cheap. If you want to avoid lines, go mid morning, mid afternoon, or after 7:30 p.m. And remember, there are those vintage cabins up back that go for less than $50 per night. And a gift store.


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