Sweet dreams at the Blue Hill Inn

Two nights at the Blue Hill  Inn isn’t nearly enough time to enjoy the inn, never mind the Blue Hill Peninsula and Deer Isle.

IMG_1158I didn’t think anyone could fill the shoes of Don and Mary, who previously owned the inn, but innkeeper Sarah Pebworth has done it. Her enthusiasm for both the inn and the area are infectious.

So far, she hasn’t made too many changes, and those have been subtle. When I asked, Sarah said she’d been advised not too make any for two years, which would give her a chance to get the feel of the place and repeat guests to get to know her. She’s closing on that marker, but I wouldn’t expect anything too earth-shattering.

The Federal-style inn, built in 1830, is located across from the George Stevens Academy, and just steps from Blue Hill’s eclectic shops and restaurants. It’s a five-minute walk to the waterfront town park, where we caught the Flash! In the Pans one night (more on that, later).

IMG_1159Rooms are decorated in period style done right, antiques are balanced with plush linens and contemporary amenities including air-conditioning (not that we’ve needed it this year, sigh) and Wifi. Our room even had a wood-burning fireplace that was ready to light. And at night, turn-down treats: chocolate-dipped strawberries one night, chocolates the other.

What I really like here are the downstairs common rooms. I spent a rainy late afternoon hunkered down in the living room, with another fireplace (there are quite a few in this inn), and a rainy evening in the library, which is stocked with good reads as well as a guest computer.

And the food! If you’re not staying here, it’s worth the effort and the money ($12.95 for nonguests) to come for breakfast, by candlelight, no less. The menu changes daily, but always includes a bread course, a fruit course, and a choice of entree. I still smile and sigh when I think of the Stonington crabmeat with eggs and leeks. Sweets appear every afternoon—the best chocolate chip cookies one day—and in the early evening, Sarah serves hor d’oeurvres, and guests can order wine. When the weather cooperates, you can enjoy these in the gardens, but rain prevented us from that experience. Guess we’ll have to return.


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