Celebrate Castine

IMG_1150Looking for something to do this weekend? Wiggle your way down to Castine, a gem of a town on the Blue Hill Peninsula, for Celebrate Castine. This three-day festival, July 10-12, 2009, is a home-grown good time: street fair, art exhibits, boat trips, dining events, tours of Maine Maritime Academy’s State of Maine training ship, wine receptions, paddles, hikes, a walking tour, canine entertainment, and a big band night. Better yet, most events are free.

DSC_1104Never been to Castine? All the more reason to go. Few towns have as rich a history as now serene Castine. Strategically located on the tip of a cape, surrounded by water on three sides, including the entrance to the Penobscot River,  it was fought over by France, Britain, and Holland for centuries. Historical markers throughout town bring those squabbles to life, and make it especially enriching for a an easy-going walk or pedal.

IMG_1154_2Castine is also architecturally rich, with beautifully restored and maintained Federal and Georgian homes and a splendid Queen Anne inn (the Pentagoet, have a drink with Jack in Passports Pub, definitely make reservations for dinner, and snag a room, if you can). It’s also home to the Wilson Museum, (filled with eclectic treasures), a handful of forts, Dyce’s Lighthouse, and Maine Maritime Academy.


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3 Responses to “Celebrate Castine”

  1. Astrig Says:

    The Wilson Museum is a wonderful treasure that more people should visit…great blog posting!

  2. melinda jordan Says:

    We have the good fortune to stay a week or so summertime in Castine for the past 7 years. The town is absolutely gorgeous, history abound. We go to Castine to “shut down”, a truly peaceful vacation. Have a great breakfast or take out for any time of day at Bah’s Bakehouse. A beer or lunch, dinner at Dennet’s. Go to the book store for a nice cup of tea while looking for a good read. Travel to Stonington and take the mail boat trip to Isle au Haut. Walk to Dyce’s Head Lighthouse. Or, simply stay still and enjoy the stunning sunrise and sunset.

  3. Susan Renee Lammers Says:

    I love Castine! I just painted a painting of the road into Castine! You can see this on my website! I live in Bucksport, Maine! I paint with Oils on Copper just as the Medival artists did!

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