Maine Heritage Village: Insta-Maine!

IMG_0852When I wasn’t looking, an insta-village grew on Route 1 in Wiscasset, just north of North of the Border. The brochure proclaims:

“Celebrating the way life should be…Come! Learn! Enjoy Maine’s only Heritage Village.”

Only problem is, the brand spanking new Maine Heritage Village has no heritage. It just appeared.

It’s a shed colony, with each masquerading as something vaguely historic: a schoolhouse, barn, even a lighthouse. All contain shops (Maine-made jewelry, crafts, art), mini museum displays (Maine Maritime Museum, Lincoln County Historical Association, etc.) or restaurants (burgers! chowder! lobster!). There’s a tractor pulling a wagon. And a lobster boat. But nothing seems related in any way to anything else other than sharing the same site.

“A one-of-a-kind experience. No admission fee.”

I admit I don’t get this place (not that I ever understood North of the Border, either, but that one looks quite normal, now), and I know I’m not alone. Everyone I ask about it just shakes his or her head and grimaces. It’s Insta-Maine! C’mon down and get yer fresh heritage! Yessuh!

At least it’s all free, unless you eat or buy. So go ahead, take a look. Then explain it to me. Please.


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