Lincolnville dining notes

It’s been years since I’ve dined at Chez Michel, the family friendly French-accented restaurant without attitude in Lincolnville Beach. We missed the early-bird specials, served until 5:45 p.m., but managed to snag a table on the second-floor screened porch. That allows us to savor the views along with the food.

We kept it simple, making a meal of appetizers: French onion soup (the real deal), house salad (not extraordinary), rabbit pate (Michel’s family recipe; we liked this far more than we expected to), crab cakes (good and full of flavor), and mussels mariniere (memorable), accompanied by crusty French bread.

The next morning, I popped into The Copper Pine, the gazebo-like restaurant at Point Lookout. Now this was a surprise: Two chefs behind the counter preparing foods cooked to order. The menu I’d seen had listed simple fare such as  breakfast sandwiches ($2.50) and fried or scrambled eggs, but when I arrived, the board specials were French toast or a Ducktrap smoked seafood omelet. You bet I ordered the latter, and it was chockful of Ducktrap delicacies with herbed cream cheese and red onion and served with toast and potatoes, all for a very reasonable $6.50. Gotta like that!

Now here’s a hint, instead of dining inside, get it to go and zip up to the summit for a breakfast picnic overlooking Penobscot Bay. Now that’s a way to start the day.


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