Miss Portland shines and scores

My new favorite breakfast joint is the Miss Portland Diner, on Marginal Way (between Franklin and Forest). The  restored, original Worcester Lunch Car Company #818 shines not only in its gleaming metal surfaces, but also in service and food. (For the story on its rescue, go here)

I sat at the counter, soaking in the flavors and sights. There also are booths in the main car, plus more booths and tables in a pleasant addition (but really, go for the original diner, if seats are available).

The Miss Portland scored points on many fronts. For starters, the help: It’s rare to be waited on by such clearly just-happy-to-be-here folks, people who enjoyed their jobs and made it a point to make their customers feel right at home with genuine warmth in their greetings and chatter.

Second, the food: Although the setting is authentic, the menu reaches beyond the usual diner classics. My Greek omelet was fat with fresh spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, and feta cheese. It came with a generous portion of homefries (my own preference is for crispier, but the flavor was good), and an order of toast. I had the Italian bread—I figured, Hey! that’s close to Greece, it should complement the omelet, and it did. Not cheap, at nearly $8 plus change, but definitely worth the price.

Third: Cleanliness, no greasy spoons here, no sticky counters, either.

Fourth: The adjacent free parking lot.

I’ll be back  to try lunch and dinner.


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