Fini! And what a difference 24 hours makes

Sugarloaf remains open through Sunday, but I logged my last runs this morning. Quite a change from yesterday, when temps were in the 80s and the outlook was marginal at best. Today, woke up to temps in the 20s.

I waited until nearly noon before braving the deceptively coolish conditions. Three runs up the SuperQuad, two down Hayburner, one down King’s Landing. Skidder opened, but it was still rather, uhm, firm over there. Hayburner and King’s were frozen granular giving way to corn. When I left, it still hadn’t turned to slush, except for a small patch near the lift.

Hayburner’s in the best shape, but that may be because it had been groomed. Skidder still has plenty of snow, and should be superb if groomed. King’s was good, but required a bit of maneuvering to thread the thin spots between swatches of decent cover. Still, it’s time for the rock skis.

And with that, good-bye to another season. Tomorrow I’m off to Boston, then Bermuda on Friday to research¬† assignments. In the meantime, enjoy those last runs, should you make your way to the loaf.


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