And then there was one

Lift, that is. I thought it was lonely at Sugarloaf yesterday; today there were perhaps two dozen skiers. Only the SuperQuad is running—you can’t get to Spillway any more. Only four trails: Tote, King’s Landing, Hayburner, and Skidder. And with temps in the 80s (I kid you not), it’s going fast, fast, fast.

I took three runs this morning, and by the third run, the muddy strand of snow to the quad was just about gone. Not sure how they’re going to make it to tomorrow, never mind Sunday. Big gaps are opening–Tote required threading the needle a few times and had big ice flows. The other three are in better shape, but were a cobbly this morning (I know, given the temps, makes no sense, but they were).

The fat lady may not be singing yet, but she’s definitely warming up. With temps predicted to drop to the 20s tonight, she may be able to hold off the encore. We’ll see.


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