Schoodic’s Ocean Wood CG, one more summer

Big thanks to longtime Ocean Wood camper Nancy Ragusa for this update on one of the state’s best private campgrounds for the non-humongo RV set. Although the oceanfront campground was auctioned, the lawyer who purchased it is allowing Mike Brunton to run it this summer. Mike plans to begin taking reservations April 28 for the 2009 season.

It is for sale, and of course such a spectacular chunk of real estate so close to the Schoodic section of Acadia National Park will command more than chump change. “If we can fill up the campground with a prosperous summer, perhaps the new owner will be more open to keeping it and enjoying if for what it is,” Nancy dreams.

She also  notes that the new owner might be willing to sell it to a land trust. Wouldn’t that be a nice solution?

In the meantime, if you’re a camping fan with a tent or a mini, reserve now. You won’t be disappointed.


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30 Responses to “Schoodic’s Ocean Wood CG, one more summer”

  1. Schoodic’s Ocean Wood Campground in Limbo « Travels with Hilary Says:

    […] For fans of few frills camping, this place is tops. It’s heavily wooded and private. A big plus: 17 walk-in wilderness sites, many oceanfront. Of the 70 total sites, only 20 had hookups. There are few other commercial campgrounds anything like it. The only I can think of in the area that comes close is Mainayr, in Steuben. UPDATE […]

    • Nancy Ragusa Says:

      Thanks so much Hilary for posting comments re Oceanwood campground. Also your posting re the surrounding area. Going there for 17 summers now and not sure how I will handle not going to oceanwood anymore. I dont think I will ever be able to top what we had. Nancy

  2. Leeann Hanson Says:

    We are here @ Oceanwood right now absolutely gorgeous! A sign apeared today @ restroom to visit “saveoceanwood” to pull together w/ other loyal campers to try + keep this property as a campground for the future. Cannot connect via blackberry today but will check once back home! Too sad to imagine this space could be closed to those of us who so appreciat it! Please add me to email list! + if you can send link I might be able to get our group on board from here!

  3. Sarah Nathan Says:

    Oceanwood is such a special place to so many. Please post any and all information on the campaign to save this property. I’d like to do my part.

  4. David D Says:

    I am interested in staying here. I live in Bangor and am looking to soend a weekend with my father and brother here. I lost the contact information so if anyone could, then please put the info here. Thanks!

  5. David D Says:

    I will be notified automatically via this blog for any replies.

    Thanks Again.

  6. Hilary Nangle Says:

    David, phone is 207-963-7194.

  7. Thomas Fales Sr. Says:

    I am deeply saddened to see this wonderful piece of paradise lost. Anyone who has been here can attest to the fact that it is a pristine place where you can go and be one with nature right on our gorgeous Maine coastline. I challenge anyone who can say that there is another campground in this great state that offers such natural beauty, on the ocean, and open to the public to enjoy and share.

    I am very surprised and disappointed that our Local & State Elected Officials have not made any attempt to save this property as Conservation Land or as a beautiful addition to Schoodic Peninsula in Acadia National Park. The sad reality is that it will most likely wind up as large house lots for the wealthy!

    If the residents of this state, and those who summer here, don’t take a stand, there will be nothing left of our Maine Coastline for the public to enjoy and share; in fact, there will be nothing for the tourists to come here for!

    To the Brunton family, “Thanks for the wonderful memories”. Oceanwood is “The Way Life Should Be” or should I say “The Way Maine Used To BE”.

  8. bob and myrt ober Says:

    We left OCEANWOOD after our annual stay in June with a lump in our throats and a deep sense of sadness. No, there is NO place like it . Site 14 became a refuge from the stressfilled life of running a family business, and we have treasured our times there. Thank you Brunton family for giving us this wonderful gift. Camping will never be the same for us. Thank you again for allowing us the privilege of being guests at your beloved Oceanwood.

  9. Kesta Perras Says:

    How can we make a reservation at Oceanwood? I can’t find a telephone number.

  10. Bob Ream Says:

    I’m heartbroken to read about Oceanwood Campground…my wife & I last visited ~2000 after tent camping with our daughter for maybe 5-6 years…daughter, who was married this month, mentioned how she so enjoyed tent camping at OC and our bike rides around Schoodic Point…life changes made it difficult for us to return…guess our last visit was our last…so sad…over the years I thought about Oceanwood many, many, many times especially around the 2nd Saturday in August (Winter Harbor Lobster Festible)…Mike & his staff, especially Marshall & his homemade chowder were always delightful…someone else 1st said it, but Mr. Brunton, thanks for the memories…your magnificant campground will live in my mind as long as I shall live…a very special place indeed.

  11. Traci Says:

    My partner and i just got back from oceanwood camp ground today. I have been coming to ocean wood for a few years now and have decided it’s my favorite place on the panet. i am so upset to hear that this is the last year the campground will be open. I only wish that I had the money to buy the land myself. I am thinking of going back again this summer on a long weekend if this is the last chance i’m going to get to enjoy oceanwood, the state of Maine’s last pristine campground. i am going to miss every site and the rocky beaches.


  12. Kesta Perras Says:

    Does anyone have a telephone number for reservations? I can’t find it online. Thanks.

  13. M/M Floyd Smith Says:

    We join with the many others who lament the possible closing of Ocean Wood Campground. We first camped there shortly after it opened in 1987 or 88. We got to know Mike and his family and Marshall who worked for them and made that wonderful lobster bisque.
    For probably eight or nine years after our first visit we made an annual pilgrimmage in September to Ocean Wood where, by pre-arrangement, we met and camped with friends we had made there over the years; Chuck and Barbara Fox from Conneticut, Sonny and Dorry from St. Louis and several other couples whose names escape me. (old age). We would all get togther and share meals and campfires and stories. Those were times we will cherish forever even though we don’t see these people anymore. How many times we went to Dana’s for fresh lobsters !!Ocean Wood is a wonderful campground and I wish that we could get back there just one more time before our camping days are over.

  14. John Mackintosh Says:

    I just returned from my annual visit to Ocean Wood. When I say annual I will now explain. I met my wife in 1999 and she said I had to visit this campsite in Maine that sits directly on the ocean. My first thought was bid deal a campsite is a campsite. She said it is the most incrediable place on earth. (I now agree 100%) Any way we went the summer of 2000 and low and behold it was awesome. We spent the week doing day trips and playing golf but we always returned to cook the lobster on the fire on W7. Here’s where the story really starts. We could not return in 2001 as my wife (Nancy Gustafson) was diagnosed with breast cancer however we did return in 2002 after attending the mid summer in New Sweeden. It was not in her plans but it was in mine. We arrived mid week and were able to get onto W10 which I now like to call the proposal site. Believe it or not she said yes. We were married in 2003 and actually spent our honeymoon on W14. We choose to honey moon there as it is in fact the best place on earth. We went back for the next few years until the cancer returned. Unfortunatly Nancy passed in 2006 however I still visit every year and stay on W7. I want to thank Mike and his family for what they have given all of us. The best campsite on earth!!!!!!

  15. Nancy Ragusa Says:

    what a nice story. And a nice place to have such wonderful memories. If you would like to share any more of it with us, please post on

    password to post is Dylanross….
    I will be there at the end of august and will think of you when I pass W10, the proposal site.

  16. Daryl Says:

    This was our eleventh year at OceanWood, and I can’t tell you how sad I was to hear it could be our last. We arrived at our site after driving through the fog and we were not sure we wanted a repeat experience of last year, which was more fog and rain than sun. As we began to go through the ritual of set up on site 10, Mike rode up on his mountain bike with his wide brimmed straw hat wearing a smile and checking to make sure everything on the site was good. As we talked through the normal process of check in, he threw in a sentence I was hoping I would never have to hear: “this could be your last year, as they campground has been sold”. I stood in stunned silence as he continued the “lock on the gate routine” (he actually had me work the lock for the first time in 11 years).
    It was an indication of just how upsetting this must be for him, and as I was doing the combination on the lock, he spoke with a trembling voice stating that it had been 24 years since he had founded the campground. I was multitasking between processing this news and unlocking the gate lock, the lock was by far the easier to manage. Mike handed back my white check in card with the bold red numbers written on it saying the normal “keep it on the left side of the vehicle so we can see it clearly, thank you and have a great stay”. I walked back to the site to continue setting up as the cool ocean air made the job that much more enjoyable, but my thoughts were saddened by the prospect of this being the last time on this site. The fog lifted that day and for the next 10 days we had the nicest weather, with the exception of one downpour.
    The changing weather pattern has not been good for OceanWood, as the last several years it had been wet and many of the tent campers were forced to pack it in early; foggy, soggy weather repeatedly day after day is good for ducks but not human campers. So, why risk the long drive these eleven years, knowing that it may be foggy, or soggy? Because it is OceanWood! It is one of a kind, and there is no other place I know of like it! We come up from a very busy lifestyle to relax and “get away from it all”. We love the large private camp sites, the ocean side camp fire (where I do most of the cooking), looking out over the rocks as the waves crash upon them, and mostly the philosophy behind the sign as you enter the premise: “No loud radios or other noise allowed”. The quiet! The sounds of sea gulls and warblers, lobster boats, and waves washing over the pink granite rocks.
    This year has been a memorable year, as we were joined by our son, his wife, and our older daughter. It was wonderful and fun, and unless something is done to preserve it – our last.

  17. Carolyn Burton Says:

    I am so saddened that this campground is potentially closing..we just discovered this campground three years ago and it is absolutely my favorite place in Maine! It truly is a hidden gem and we were so looking forward to many more visits to this lovely treasure. I hate to think about what will happen to it now. My thanks go out to the Brunton family and all the work that went into maintaining/preserving this campground. I wish I had wealth and youth to preserve this beautiful spot on our planet!

  18. Janet Campbell Says:

    We enjoyed our recent stay, but it was always in our minds that this would probably be our last…we’ve arrived at OW on Labor Day each of the last 6 years. So heartbreaking to lose such a precious place and we feel so badly for Mike, Pat and their family. Our hearts truly do go out to the Bruntons. We’re hoping that someone will step in and save this
    beautiful place.

  19. Heather M. Houston Says:

    I’m a wreck. I’ve been so distraught about losing this gem. The Brunton family has been on my mind. I awoke at 4 this morning and Ocean Wood and the Bruntons were right there in my thoughts. My last stay was over Labor Day weekend – full moon, PERFECT weather – made the usual chore of packing up to leave even more excruciatingly difficult…knowing it COULD be our last time. My heart refuses to believe it. I simply cannot fathom it. After 17 years of magically wonderful and wonderfully magical trips to this special place, I am desperate to find an angel with deep pockets who can save it for us. There simply MUST be a way! As I pulled out of our site that last day, Mike came along on his bike and I knocked his straw hat off giving him a big hug. I’m going to miss him – a man of true integrity, a loving steward of that piece of property for so many years. I’m remaining hopeful until I see the NO TRESPASSING sign go up.

  20. R. L. Hanson Says:

    My wife and I found OC only this past year. For six nights, we traipsed out to our walk-in site at the end of the property. Like others, we’re saddened to think that we won’t be able to return.

    I caught a magic, moonlight moment on my camera that you might enjoy, done using High Dynamic Range techniques. See:

    Thanks to the Brunton’s for all their efforts!

  21. Todd Orwat Says:

    This loss will be hard. Although my wife and I could only make the trip to Maine and Ocean Wood every few years, we agreed with a previous post that it is the Best Place on Earth. We enjoyed staying in the Wilderness sites and loved the seclusion and quiet. What great times we had doing nothing but piling colored rocks, making additions to the unique collections left by previous campers, and just watching the ocean from our temporary piece of paradise. At nite, the stars were always phenominal, and we even had seen the Aurora Borealis there on occasion. The wonderful drone of the Lobsterman leaving the harbor in the mornings to gently wake us. Many fond memories cannot be replaced by any other place or times. We are heartbroken for Mike and his family. You have been wonderful hosts, and our hopes are that life takes you on a very special journey from here. I cannot thank you enough for allowing us to enjoy this exceptional experience. We had hoped to return in 2010, as last time in was back in 2006, and it has been harder to travel there as job changes and life had been interfering. Hoping for all the best for the future. Todd & Bev Orwat

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