You know it’s Reggae Weekend when…

• the Sheriff and the Staties have staked out their positions on Route 27 (and planning on balancing the state’s budget).

• there are bouncers at the base of the SuperQuad (Security checking backpacks for beer)

• a snowboarder drops his trousers as he passes in front of The Beach

• women in spike heels (what are they thinking) are hanging around the base

• kamikazies, suicide bombers, and cluster bombs menace the slopes

• the crowd on The Beach is most definitely not from around here

• parking is a contact sport (and it’s way too easy to be blocked)

• beer cans and bottles litter the slopes and the roadways

And it’s only Friday. C’mon, help me out, Sugarloafers…

For more on Reggae, visit Sugarloaf’s site or check out my article in SKI.

(By the way, skiing is still fabulous. Cover’s getting thin near the base, but summit and mid mountain still have plentiful snow and good turns.)


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2 Responses to “You know it’s Reggae Weekend when…”

  1. tony chamberlain Says:

    You know it’s Reggae Weekend when John Ritzo sends the CVA kids home for vacation…

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