Cheap sleeps on the Maine Coast

Looking for a place to rest your head that won’t bust the budget?

Yes, it is possible to find lodging on the Maine Coast that’s not only cheap, relatively speaking, but also has character. Some of these are waterfront. Some have a bit more, uh, character. If you’re used to five-star lodgings, these won’t cut it; many wouldn’t earn even two. But all are clean and pass my sniff test. And each has peak-season rooms (not every room mind you, but at least a few) that go for less than $100 per night, some considerably less.

I’m devoting a separate page to my cheap sleeps for each region, and I’ll add to it (or delete) as necessary. Go ahead, check it out, you might find you want to check right in:

Southern Coast

Greater Portland

Mid Coast


Down East


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