Schoodic’s Ocean Wood Campground in Limbo

Oh this saddens me: I just talked with a friend in Prospect Harbor. Ocean Wood Campground, that wonderful eco-conscious, oceanfront campground near the tip of the peninsula that’s home to the Schoodic section of Acadia National Park, is in trouble. It’s caught in a web comprising foreclosure, an auction without bidders, bankruptcy, and a lawsuit.Its future operation is up in the air. For details, go here.

For fans of few frills camping, this place is tops. It’s heavily wooded and private. A big plus: 17 walk-in wilderness sites, many oceanfront. Of the 70 total sites, only 20 had hookups. There are few other commercial campgrounds anything like it. The only I can think of in the area that comes close is Mainayr, in Steuben. UPDATE


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14 Responses to “Schoodic’s Ocean Wood Campground in Limbo”

  1. Nancy Ragusa Says:

    Hilary, my name is Nancy Ragusa and I have camped Oceanwood for 17 years. Unfortunately, due to unpaid taxes it has been auctioned off just recently. I do believe that Mike will be allowed to keep his home tho. The lawyer who purchased the campground has graciously agreed to let Mike run the campground for one last year. He wants to sell it, of course, and he will make a bundle. In the meantime, unsure of its standing, Mike has not taken reservations. But now they know for sure that they will be open and reservations we be taken startiing April 28th for the 09 summer. Many people dont know its open so I am hoping you will help spread the word. If we can fill up the campground with a prosperous summer, perhaps the new owner will be more open to keeping it and enjoying if for what it is. He has also mentioned that he may be willing to sell to Maine conservatory. My husband and I will be going the last week of August and first week of September to show our support and love for the Brunton family….and to thank them for 17 years of beautiful camping. Thanks for hearing me out. If you need any more information, feel free to email me at above address or call 203-729-1708. Nancy Ragusa….oh yes, if you do go, please tell the Bruntons that Nancy (aka, the soap lady) sends love.

    • Kathy Says:

      My husband and I just returned from Ocean Wood last night. Unfortunately, I’m afraid that the campground may not survive. Although the local newspaper had an article intimating the new owner would like to keep it a campground, I spoke to him personally and don’t think that is his intention. He said, “I will not run this as a campground.” He wants to get back his investment and the money made in the camping season “doesn’t even pay the taxes.”
      He told me he wanted to “develop” the area. If you look at the new site you will read this description of the property: “As a single unique compound, or divided into secluded ‘kingdom lots’ (my emphasis), it is a unique opportunity to live in natural harmony in one of the most unspoiled and spectacular parts of the United States.” This is NOT an advertisement for someone to buy this and continue it as a campground.
      The Bruntons are not able to keep the home where they have raised their children. Mike is talking of working for Habitat For Humanity or Ameri Corps. If they are lucky, they will be able to have one more Christmas there.
      They have become dear friends and although we will keep in touch, Ocean Wood won’t be the same without them.

  2. Tom & Charlene Fales Says:

    Like all good things here in Maine this beautiful part of Maine’s coastline, like no other as far as I’m concerned, is about to most likely go to someone out of state who will make a handsome profit building condo’s. As a resident of this great state our access to our coastline is dwindling rapidly. We all need a place that we can call our sanctuary and the Brunton family has provided that for many of us. It’s natural, quiet and the way mother nature created it. I pray that if Mike is unable to find a way to hold on to his paradise then our state, our conservationists or someone should see that this land is forever protected to for all to enjoy instead of a few hungry to change it into time-share condo’s! Write to your representatives, congressperson, senator and all the Maine conservation agencies. Lets not let it be lost without a fight!

  3. Theresa Amos Says:

    I cannot get through to the campground to make a reservation. does anyone have a current number for ocean woods? *fingers crossed*

  4. Julie Ressler Says:

    Oceanwood is where I go in my head to find peace. We must find a way to help keep this unique and wonderful place in existence and run in the way Mike envisioned, which to my thinking was perfect.

    The Maine Conservancy should rise to the occasion. This is “land-use” at its best!

  5. Heather Letarte Says:

    My parents discovered Ocean Wood the year it opened. They camped there two or three times a year, and brought us all to enjoy it with them. We have been going annually as a family and some extended family as well for 17 years now, since my father passed away. We conducted his memorial service at OceanWood. This closure is a loss almost like losing a family member. The Brunton family and the sights, sounds, and scents of this pristine, peaceful, and absolutely stunning peace of Maine coastline will be missed more than words can express.

  6. Marian Barker Says:

    I am a “charter” member of the Ocean Wood Campground campers: discovered the campground in ’87 and have camped there yearly ever since. I am part of a group of 12 others that met last night to brainstorm and perhaps create a movement to expose the plight of this precious piece of land. I was wondering if there are any other organized groups doing the same. I don’t want to re-invent the wheel and we would be happy to partner and communicate with other like groups. Our pretense is “preservation” (of any type-we’re realistic enough to know that keeping it a campground is a far reach). We are located approximately a 2 hr drive from Birch Harbor in MidCoast Maine. Would love to hear from any others out there that have either begun this process or have already started. We camped @ Ocean Wood over Halloween weekend and literally “closed the doors” on it’s last day. Pretty emotional stuff but we are now rallying in the attempt to somehow prevent this unique area from seeing the “PRIVATE-NO TRESPASSING” signs going up! Hope to hear from some other Ocean Wood lovers.

  7. Gerri Lilly Says:

    We, too, have camped at Ocean Wood and enjoyed the beauty and quiet. We will miss it very much. Living in Florida, we are a long way off but if there is anything I can do to help keep this wonderful place “undeveloped”, I would certainly try.

  8. William J Sullivan Says:

    I am one of the many who have camped at this campground many times. I learned of the campground in 97 and have camped there 2 weeks every year. Usually when they first opened for the season, then after tourist season. I cannot begin to express how sad I was to learn that it was actually going to close. When I first heard of the issues that the Bruntons were dealing with, it frustrated me to the point of writing a letter to the local newspapers about how we continue to lose the ability to enjoy our coastline. I have never, and probably will never find anything remotely close to the experiences I have and at Ocean Wood. I thank the Bruntons for a life experience that I can never be forgotten. If anyone has a place that can even come close to Ocean Wood….please email me!!

  9. Andrea Says:

    We discovered this beautiful campground only last year, and it is a very unique place. If I can help to preserve this place and keep it from being developed, please let me know!

    It is a shame it was auctioned off for unpaid taxes – in the interest of conservation the state should have found an alternative.

  10. Andrea Says:

    I just found out what they want to turn it into: a resort!\
    You can sign a petition with the SierraClub to try and prevent it

  11. Laura Says:

    Hilary, i believe that Andrea means to say that she just found out about a potential resort. not that the idea was new. last winter, the area was showing as being for sale as several million+ dollar lots.

    i wonder if the nature conservancy knows about the area?

    by all means, sign the petition. thank you for the link Andrea

  12. Laura Says:

    p.s. i just found this link:

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