New take on the classic lobster roll

Let’s be honest here, anything more than lobster kissed with either mayo or butter and presented in a hot dog roll isn’t really a Maine lobster roll. That said, The Camden Harbour Inn has debuted its new lounge menu, and one of the highlights is a Thai lobster roll with peanut sauce. Truthfully, it bears no resemblance to the icon. This one is a spring roll comprising fresh vegetables and lobster accompanied by a Thai peanut sauce.

The new and expanded menu includes a number of the most requested items from the inn’s themed nights—$1 Oyster Night, Asian Soup Night, Swiss Cheese Fondue Night, Spanish Tapas Night.

Salivate over these other possibilities, which reflect chef Lawrence Klang’s taste for world flavors: lobster mac ‘n cheese, gourmet burger with truffle frites, Asian noodle soup, house-made falafel with homemade pita and a garlic yogurt, house-made Merguez Sausage with cous cous and harissa, grilled Berbere marinated lamb with house pita, cucumber, and pepper confit; Vietnemese sandwich,  and lobster and yellow curry lentil soup with preserved lemon. Prices range $7-$15.


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One Response to “New take on the classic lobster roll”

  1. ZZ Says:

    Whoa, Thai lobster roll sounds pretty awesome!

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