Wine dinner at Camden’s Hartstone Inn


Hmm, I seem to be focused on food and wine lately, but here’s a good deal. Really, four courses with wine pairings for $55 per person? Not too shabby. It takes place Friday, March 20, at Camden’s Hartstone Inn, where Chef Michael Salmon does wonders in the kitchen. Here’s the menu.

• Savory Crab Cheesecake with a Lemon-Walnut Crust and Tossed Greens (Pascal Toso – Sparkling Wine)

• Celery Bisque with Maine Lobster, Wild Rice and Crisp Pork Belly (Dry Creek Chenin Blanc)

• Cranberry Sorbet

• Braised Beef Short Rib “Wellington” with a Phyllo Crust and Winter Squash Puree (Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon)

• Tangerine Crème Caramel with Plumped Apricots and Candied Rind

Lodging packages in conjunction with the wine dinner begin at $215 per double for one night, $280 for two nights (that’s two people, one room, including the dinner).

Check out the Hartstone’s menus for the next few weeks, including its bistro nights, here.


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