Cast your vote for Rockland, Maine

Rockland is in the running for being named as one of America’s Coolest Towns by Budget Travel. Now there are other New England towns on the ballot, but c’mon, Rockland outshines them all in cool factor. Convinced? Vote here. Just click on the star in Maine, and voila!

Not quite convinced. Read on: The Mid-coast town melds its seaport past with its artsy present. The harbor blends lobster boats and motor yachts, fishing trawlers and windjammers, ferries and Coast Guard cutters. One block in, and art galleries, eclectic shops, bookstores, bakeries, restaurants, and other inviting businesses line Main Street and its offshoots. Add the Farnsworth Museum of American Art, the Puffin Project Visitor Center, the Maine Lighthouse Museum, and of course the Rockland Breakwater, punctuated by Breakwater Light. Cool enough for ya?

Need more? Okay, add the Maine Eastern Railroad, Chickawaukee Lake, and Rockland Golf Club.

What? You’re hungry for more? Chew over these foodie faves. Sushi? Yup, Suzuki Sushi. French? Yup, Lily’s Bistro. Mediterranean? Step over to Amalfi on the Water. Can’t make up your mind? It doesn’t get more creative than Cafe Miranda. Breakfast basics? In spades, The Brown Bag, Brass Compass, Rockland Cafe. Add Rock City Books and Coffee, a way-cool mostly-used bookstore with delish baked goods, sandwiches, and soups; and a funkadelic fish restraunt, Conte’s, a garlic-lover’s fave; an excellent farmers market; In Good Company, a way-cool wine bar; a bunch of bakeries and other foodie finds; and, well, nah, you won’t go hungry.

And should you need to sleep on it, Rockland’s the place for that, too. The Historic Inns of Rockland are all within easy walking distance of downtown attractions, and a handful of intown hotels are equally convenient

Now are you convinced? Vote here. Just click on the star in Maine, and voila!


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