Another Waaahhh! No more lobster at Tidal Falls

01Sorry to report that Tom Sidar, executive director of the Frenchman Bay Converancy, has confirmed that the lobster pound on its Tidal Falls preserve will no operate this summer. He does offer a few alternatives, though:

That is correct. The restaurant at Frenchman Bay Conservancy’s Tidal Falls Preserve will not be open this summer. However, on northbound Route One , Mano’s Restaurant will be adding lobster rolls to their take out menu and on southbound Route One, The Bridge Restaurant will have fried clams and clam chowder for takeout. These restaurants are just a few miles from the Preserve. There will be 32 picnic tables on the lawn and in the covered pavilion for picnickers. the best time to see the reversing falls is one hour before low tide. Very dramatic whitewater. Eagles, seals, kingfishers and many species of duck are commonly sighted at the Preserve. Ample parking including Handicapped spaces. Easily accessible from Route One — about 1 ½ miles.

This is truly a special place, and if you time it right, it’s well worth the effort of picking up a picnic elsewhere. Let’s hope the lobster returns in 2010. UPDATE: Closure is permanent, per FBC, which is hosting concerts here and hopes to launch an environmental education program here in the future.

By the way, Frenchman Bay has some wonderful preserves for hiking and bird watching. New last year was North Corea Health. Check it out. And if you can, support this organization with your time or money.


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5 Responses to “Another Waaahhh! No more lobster at Tidal Falls”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Say it isn’t so! I love this place — but didn’t this happen a few years ago, too? If I remember, the original owners wanted to retire and closed it, but the Conservancy got togetehr a group of volunteers to keep it open. Maybe it will re-invent itself once more — let’s hope so!

  2. Pm Jones Says:

    Around Labor Day 2008, my husband and I happened upon an organization or church that was having a lobster dinner at the falls. Does anyone know who they were – perhaps this is an annual function? Much fun was had by all. I would love to know if they have plans for the benefit dinner in 2010.

  3. Erika Says:

    This is a great disappointment to us since we were coming from Montana to have our Lobster at Tidal Falls. We haven’t been to Maine in a very long time and we were really looking forward to our wonderful dinner at Tidal Falls… can anyone recommend a lobster pound on the water that similar?

    • Hilary Nangle Says:

      Erika, if you scan down the side menu, you’ll see a link for lobster shacks. That details most of them along the coast. Another possibility is to get them to go, then take them to the Tidal Falls preserve and have a picnic.

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