Johnny’s Bistro & Bar

I dined at Johnny’s, formerly Finch’s, the other night, and besides what Johnny referred to as a “hiccup,” it was a good experience overall. There have been a few renovations, namely the bar area has been enlarged and the room opened up, but the biggest changes are on the menu.

Johnny’s menu has four sections: appetizers and soup ($6-10), smaller plates ($10-13), salads ($8 or $12), and entrees ($18-19). I was dithering between a Morrocan chicken pie and the artichoke and spinach strudel, both small plates, and also eyeing the crisply slamon entree, when Johnny quietly approached our table.

“We have a hiccup,” he said, “and it’s my fault”. The hiccup was that the kitchen was running out of gas, so only soups and salads could be ordered.

Instead, I opted for a Caesar and a bowl of potato leek soup, finishing up with an almond tart. I’m a fan of Johnny’s Caeser salads because they’re traditionally prepared and are perfectly dressed. The soup wasn’t thick, but it was full of flavor. Still the soup and salad combo didn’t quite tide me over so we split a tart. My dining partner had the Mediterranean calamari stew, which he proclaimed quite delicious.

I’ll definitely return for the salmon–I saw it on a neighboring table, folks whose meals had been prepared before the kitchen hiccup. And perhaps that streudel. And I’ll return because Johnny is ever present in his restaurant and takes good care his guests. Anyone can get the hiccups.


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