Utah? Colorado? Nope, Maine

Don’t know that I’ve ever experienced better snow anywhere than what’s at Sugarloaf right now. Light, dry, fluffy, not a sign of ice or hardpack in sight. White Nitro was soft and sweet, top to bottom; yes, White Nitro. And Gondy Line, oh my! It really is quite magical here, somehow that light, light snow has managed to stay on the trees, so it’s just so pretty. And yes, that means no wind. Cold, yup, but quite tolerable, really.

In other news, my new favorite local chocolate chip cookie comes from the Outdoor Center. Worth a trip, if not for the skiing, or the Wifi, go for the cookies. A wee bit sweet, but the crunchy/chewy texture is perfect; the chips are plentiful; and the flavor tastes homemade. Another friend says the ginger is sublime. Maybe next time.


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