Snow, marbles, and ribs

It just keeps coming down here at Whistler Blackcomb, B.C. For the second time, the forecast was for little more than an couple of inches, but the snow kept falling, heavy at time, and it’s still falling. Although the backcountry is closed–a guide described the base as a platform on marbles, very unstable and avalanche prone–the inbounds skiing keeps getting better and better, with plenty of powder on the trail edges.

I skied the Dave Murray Downhill today, the site of the Men’s Olympic downhill in 2010. Hard to imagine ripping that at top speed, with its deceptive steeps and 90-degree corners and double fall lines. Yeowozer! I tell ya, while skiing it the Olympic theme song was playing in my head.

No medal at the base, but I did indulge with a friend in a bucket of ribs at Dusty’s, the legendary apres-ski spot. It’s a classic ski bar, with an old west decor, ski flicks playing on multiple screens, and a good vibe. Stick with the ribs, the chicken soup was thin and greasy.


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