Pre-Prelude quietude

img_8274Spent Wednesday night at K’port’s Cape Arundel Inn. This is a very comfortable B&B with a smashing location: It’s on Ocean Drive, with views of crashing surf, the Bush’s Walker Point estate, and open ocean from nearly every room. Owner Jack Nahil was the former owner of the White Barn Inn, so he knows a thing or two about keeping a genteel inn.

img_8265We took the two least expensive, #1 and #8, at $160 each; not the lowest possible, in Februrary the same rooms go for $125. Room 1 is cozy and built into a bow. Great views, teensy bathroom. Room 8 is in the back of the main house and stretches side to side, with views from either end. It has a gas fireplace. The bathroom is old fashioned, with cranky plumbing in the clawfoot tub (the water temperature was quite finicky, hot, then cold, never constant)

What we really loved were the downstairs public rooms; graceful, flowing, with nice seating areas, big windows on the water, and a gas fireplace.

Of course, most folks have dinner here, too. The dining room, with its white tablecloths, cobalt blue glassware, big windows, and fine artwork is quite stunning, and every table has an ocean view, thanks to the two-level floor plan. Chef Rich Lemoine’s cuisine suits the setting, or perhaps drives it. It’s pricey, though, with entrees running $28 to $40.

We settled for breakfast, which was included. It comprised a continental spread augmented by a hot entree of the day, scrambled eggs with chives and cheddar, served with maple sausage and buttered toast. Yum.

I’d love to return in the dead of winter to watch a storm from here, and afterwards, bundle up for a walk along Parson’s Way. Talk about heaven!


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