Sweet as Cherry Pie

No, not food this time.

Last week in Portland, I was fighting a migraine and dreading popping another $25 Imitrex, when I walked by Cherry Pie Beauty and Lifestyle Lounge on Middle Street. Yeah, I know, sounds more like a porn hall than a beauty salon and day spa, but the thought of getting a massage to ease the pain made me investigate. Glad I did.

Cool digs, nice space, big windows; complementary wine, tea, nibbles for customers; a computer available for guest use.

Now I live in in a relatively rural area, where I pay about $45 for an hour massage, $40 if I bring my own sheets (gotta love that!). So city prices usually are a deterrent, but Cherry Pie offered a half-hour massage for $40, and I knew a good massage could make the pain go away whereas that $25 pill would just mask it. Even my migraine-numbed brain realized that was the better value.

So I splurged, and I’m glad I did. Shout out to massage therapist Mark McVickar; he worked magic. The guy’s been at it for a long time, a real pro, and he’s very good. I’m now saving my pennies (I’m probably the only one in the world who still does that, but they do add up) for another, next time I’m in the Big City.

By the way: No current photos from my Portland swing or anything else until I get a new camera. sniffle, sniffle.


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