Planning ahead: Foodie Alert

If you want to snag tickets and lodging for Portland’s Harvest on the Harbor event, Oct. 23-25, you better act quickly.

This new event, celebrating the farm-to-table movement, focuses on food and wine, with more than 100 experts featured in scheduled events including tastings, demonstrations, a marketplace, talks, book signings, and meals.

Chefs attending range from local luminaries such as James Beard Best Chef in the Northeast winner Sam Hayward (truly, the dean of the Maine food movement) to from-away stars such as James Peterson, a three-time winner of the Beard Cookbook of the Year award. On the final night, Hayward teams with another Beard Best Chef winner, David Pasternak, and the Inn by the Sea’s Mitchell Kaldrovich for the gala dinner.

The schedule highlights some of Maine’s top suppliers and producers: Joel Frantzman, from Sullivan Harbor Smokehouse; Vince Maniaci, of The Cheese Iron; Rod Browne Mitchell, from Browne Trading Co.; along with others ranging from oyster farmer to wine makers. Really, this should be a delicious event: if I were going to be in town, I’d be there.

One more note: If you’re interested in all things related to food in Portland, let me recommend Portland Food Map and Portland Psst: reviews, gossip, events, chatter.


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