Fast Eddie is cruising again

Happy Days are here again, at Fast Eddie’s, at least. The Winthrop, Maine, drive-in restaurant is back in biz thanks to Russ Angell and his wife, Barbara, who reopened the 50s-themed place earlier this year, according to a report in the Portland Press Herald.

I visited a few times during the last summer it was open, and I fell in love with the spot, complete with its interior Elvis and Betty Boop decor. Way cool, way retro; think burgers and shakes.

Once again, it’s a popular spot for classic car buffs, especially on Wednesday nights, when they arrive en mass for the evening cruise in. Find it on Route 202, west of Augusta.


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2 Responses to “Fast Eddie is cruising again”

  1. Sandy Says:

    I found your entry when looking up the Theater at Monmouth.

    You have mentioned Fast Eddies, the Theater at Monmouth. Just to let you know – there is another great “gem” in the Winthrop and Monmouth area. It is a bed and breakfast.

    The owners completely restored a large home and barns that were left empty for several years. The home was part of the Woolworth estate here. What a great job they have done. Gardens, spectacular view of the lake, a covered patio that seats sixty and peace, peace peace.

    It’s easy to find on route 135.

    I went to a wedding and also on a theater package stay there. wow, peaceful and great hosts. They do a theater package and golf packages too. You might want to look them up and do a piece on them.

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