The view from here …

…is mighty fine. Here being The Inn on the Harbor, in Stonington. It sits tight to Main street, but literally hangs over the harbor, with big windows framing the view and huge decks for watching the boats come and go. Last night, a windjammer sailed by as we were sitting on our deck eating leftovers from the Cockatoo along with cheese (goat brie) and crackers (sesame wheat) from the farmers market and a salad and baguette from Lily’s. Perfect!

With three of us, we opted for the American Eagle, a two-bedroom apartment with full kitchen. Only drawback was the lack of a good assortment of pots and pans and cooking utensils, but I made do with what was available.

The inn provides a continental breakfast buffet, which you can eat in the small buffet room/office area, or take out onto the huge main deck, soaked in morning sunlight and accented with flowers. In the afternoons, it doubles as an espresso spot, also serving sweets and homemade ice cream.

Rooms are open, airy, light and decorated with shabby cottage chic touch. Some have wood-burning fireplaces. I think in winter, when rates plummet, this would be a fabulous place to be during a storm. And yes, it does have a back-up generator.

Hate to leave, but we’re off to Isle au Haut for a day trip, then on to Brooksville.

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