Lemon Zest Ice Cream

You must try this. You simply must. It’s so clean, crisp, creamy and–surprise–it’s made from the milk of Nigerian goats.

I first tasted Painted Pepper Farm’s Nigerian goat yogurt while staying at a B&B in Bar Harbor, and it zinged me tastebuds to attention with its fresh tang. Then I found it at the Bar Harbor Farmer’s Market, and of course purchased the plain. Later, I found maple cream and honey ginger flavors at Royal River in Yarmouth.

Finally, I made it to the farm itself, in Steuben. A tiny self-serve farm store is stocked with all the farm’s products: more yogurts, granola, maple syrup, maple-roasted nuts, organic preserves, chevre and the ice cream, in mocha cream and lemon zest flavors. But I had no way to keep it cold.

The next day, armed with a cooler and ice, I headed to the Bar Harbor Farmers’ Market and purchased the lemon zest flavor. And fresh strawberries. Together, well let’s just say I’m salivating as I write this and planning a return to purchase more. Now this stuff isn’t cheap–Painted Pepper is a small family farm, and the products are organic, and the goats are rare–but for a special splurge, it’s a treat.


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