MDI Lunch Report 3: Morning Glory, Bar Harbor

We also stopped by Morning Glory Bakery, on Rodick Street. This place has also long been a favorite to pick up relatively quick lunches. When I learned it had a new owner, I was braced for the worst, but was pleasantly surprised.

It’s been totally remodeled to be far more user-friendly, with space to move about and inside seating. The menu has been expanded to include quiches, soups, focaccias, small pizzas, and more sweets. Although it no longer sells a box lunch package, you can easily put your own together.

It still has to work out the timing issues–sandwiches are made from scratch, one at a time, which tends to back up the line at the counter, but the quality and taste is still there (I had hummus on sourdough with vegies).

High five to the new owner for keeping up the quality and actually improving the setting. It will remain on our tops-for-a-quick-sandwich-to-go list. Better yet, it’s now open daily until 7 p.m., so it’s a good choice for a light and early dinner, too.


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One Response to “MDI Lunch Report 3: Morning Glory, Bar Harbor”

  1. Jen Says:

    The reason Morning Glory’s quality hasn’t changed is because the “new” owner has actually been a baker there for nearly 10 years! She has made many updates and changes (for instance: they’re now open year round) that make it even more of a local favorite.

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