Having it my way, at Cafe This Way, in Bar Harbor

Thursday night, we went to Café This Way, tucked behind the Alternative Market (follow the painted footsteps), just off Mt. Desert Street, across from the Village Green in  Bar Harbor. This place has always been a favorite of mine for ages, and it still delivers. Over the years, both the food and the decor have evolved from recent-college-grad funk to an eclectic style with an eccentric edge. It’s maturing, but isn’t losing its youthful exuberance.

We didn’t even make it past the appetizers pages on the menu, choosing to cobble together a dinner from the hot and cold selections: crab cakes with tequila lime sauce; Maine seafood spring rolls (don’t miss these); Caesar salad; and grilled halloumi cheese over artichokes, olives and peppers. All accompanied by a toothsome French bread complemented by honey butter. Sweet!

Acoustical fabric hangings on the ceiling have toned down the noise level–a good thing, and last year’s addition of a garage-door fronting on the porch provided a way to cool the restaurant down, but rolling up the door and letting in the fresh air. Nice. On a really warm night, try to snag a table on the porch.

Cafe This Way also serves breakfast/brunch.


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