Hungry for art? Fill up at Kennebunkport Maine’s Arts in the Inns

Here’s an event that makes a fun, food-and-art centered early-season escape in Kennebunkport.

Get an inn-side take on fine art and fine food during Art in the Inns, June 4-8. The annual event highlights local chefs, local artists and local inns, pairing them in a series of intimate dinners, social events, shows, an artist-in-residence inn program and an inn-to-inn tour.

For the specialty dinners, on Wednesday and Thursday night, each chef uses his culinary palette to create a palate-pleasing work of art that complements a specific artist’s work. On Friday night, White Barn Inn chef Jonathan Carter prepares the hors d’oeuvres for a grand soiree in St. Anne’s Rectory, a recently restored architectural gem in a stunning oceanfront setting that would upstage more pedestrian food or art.

Other events include a Thursday champagne preview with the artists and chefs and a Saturday evening of lobster rolls, chowder and blueberry crumble pie at the Seaside Inn, with Rebecca Charles, author of “Lobster Rolls & Blueberry Pie: Three Generations of Stories and Recipes from Summers on the Coast of Maine” and chef at New York’s Pearl Oyster Bar.

While the social events are fun and an opportunity to meet artists and chefs in person–especially the intimate chef-prepared/artist-attended dinners–it’s the tour that packs the most bang for the buck. Sixteen inns, each doubling as an art gallery for the occasion, open their doors; tour tix are $5.


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