Cat empties Kingfield classroom

Classes are over at Kingfield’s Schoolhouse Bakery. The building has been sold and sources tell me it’s being converted to a spa. While I occasionally stopped in there, it was usually because my favorite spot, The Orange Cat Cafe, was closed.

If the open flag is flying outside the Brick Castle, I’m unable to drive by without turning in for the Cat’s creative and substantial lunches (salads, soups, sandwiches, wraps), breakfast goodies (white chocolate and raspberry scones!) or an afternoon pick-me-up, perhaps Mexican hot chocolates (yum) and anytime for its humongous chocolate chip cookies–my husband calls them chocolate chip pies.

It’s an ultra-casual, order-at-the-counter spot, but the dining rooms are like being in someone’s home–relaxing, comfortable, filled with plants and books and newspapers, with a wee New Agey whiff: See if you can read the script wrapping around the walls just below ceiling height. And it doubles as a low-key internet cafe.

Whenever I’ve steered friends here–usually either on their way to Sugarloaf or home, I always get massive amounts of thank-yous for the introduction. It’s easy to find–right on Route 27 in Kingfield’s “Brick Castle” building. Oh, and get a few of those cookies. Despite the size, they tend to disappear quickly.


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