The fat lady’s still singing

And man can that woman belt out a tune. Spent the morning skiing at the loaf, under bluebird skies and in temps that climbed into the 60s. It’s still phenomenal–with excellent cover on most. Sure, it’s getting soft, and yes bare spots are beginning to open and it’s wise to keep an eye out for rocks where cover is thin. BUT, we’re talking top to bottom, with the best conditions off the summit. Nitro, Powder Keg, Gondy, Face fields are all fab. Buckskin to Binder is holding up well–although when that iced-over water bar finally melts, that will do in the upper section.

Either pack a lunch for trailside or go for burgers on Bullwinkle’s deck. Both D’Ellies and Black Diamond Burritos are closed for the season. Of course, if you haven’t had your Bag burger yet…

So, no excuses. Leave work early, resist the urge to till the garden or shoulder the golf bag, instead grab those skis for another glorious weekend. It may be the final act, but the song’s far from over.


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