Maples and marketing

I say: maple syrup. You reply: Vermont.

It’s marketing, baby. Trust me, the Green Mountain state isn’t the only one with sugar maples, far from it. Maine has plenty, and Maine farms produce plenty of syrup and other sweet treats made from the sap.

This weekend, Maine’s maple syrup producers are out to strut their sap, so to speak. It’s Maine Maple Sunday weekend, but this also being Easter means many of the state’s sugar houses are holding open houses on Saturday either instead or in addition to Sunday.

Stop by one of the many participating farms and learn how it takes 40 gallons of sap to make just one gallon of syrup and about the different grades of syrup; watch production; and best of all taste, taste, taste. Different farms host different events and tastings–pancake breakfasts, ice cream sundaes, even maple cotton candy. This season, given the plentiful snow upcountry, look for sugar on snow (maple syrup poured over snow and hardened into a taffy).

Now that’s a sweet thought.


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